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Exhibition Dates:2011.1.24-2011.3.1
Curated by JIANCUI
Sub venue:  “Nan Jiang” Xinjiang restaurant, No.120 Gu Lou East Street
Pruduced by Maryinn, TimeOut Beijing(chn), Yugong Yishan , Underground Kidz, , School, Gang of Gin

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六七十年代,欧美摇滚圈有一位非常出名的女摇滚摄影师Linda Eastman(琳达•伊斯曼),她是最早为Jim Morrison和Steve Winwood拍照的摄影师之一,1967年,划时代专辑《佩珀中士的孤独之心俱乐部乐队》的新闻发布会上,琳达以滚石乐队的照片作为代表作,打动了甲壳 虫乐队的经纪人,得到了给甲壳虫拍照的机会。
在中国摇滚圈,高原就是如同Linda Eastman一样的女摄影师。十多年来,高原几乎拍遍了中国音乐圈所有的歌手和乐队,还有那些令人激动的演出现场。

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“China’s Threatened Waters” by Sean Gallagher [nov. 22nd – dec. 12th]

Wetlands are found on every continent on earth, in the form of rivers, shallow lakes, swamps, mangroves, estuaries and floodplains. They are valued for their ability to store floodwaters, protect shorelines, improve water quality, and recharge groundwater aquifers.
China’s wetlands cover some 65 million hectares, ranking first in Asia and representing […]

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Artists: No.223, A Qing, Gao Yuan, Jiancui, Li Guiming, Luo Hao, Yang Dawei, Zhan Pan, Zhang Chi
Maryinn is coming back at Yugong Yishan again. The opening gig and party of the photography show OnE Moment’s Hero will be held at Jan 3, 2010. Photos from rockers as Zhan Pan(the Gar), Fashion designer as Zhang Chi […]

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To Music With Love, From Luna

“You have to be lustful, to understand how to appreciate the unique beauty of each people, men and women, and capture this.”

“I don’t like continuous shoots, it’s machinery in photography lacking emotion. The catching shoot has the touch of the photographer and the feeling of people who are being photographed, thus every photo has its own soul.”

Rock’n’Roll circle is a home-like place, people are very closed, just like a group of brothers that are completely bound to each other.

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