To Music With Love, From Luna

Exhibition To Music With Love, From Luna

“You have to be lustful, to understand how to appreciate the unique beauty of each people, men and women, and capture this.”

“I don’t like continuous shoots, it’s machinery in photography lacking emotion. The catching shoot has the touch of the photographer and the feeling of people who are being photographed, thus every photo has its own soul.”

Rock’n’Roll circle is a home-like place, people are very closed, just like a group of brothers that are completely bound to each other.

This is a late exhibition. The photographer Luna can never see its happening. She was confident about her photograph, but she was filled with awe, every time she thought about having an exhibition. She always said: “my works are not ready yet.” However, just
like her favorite musician Leonard Cohen’s singing: There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in. We can view her growth from immature to veteran and from self-denial to independent innovation.

This exhibition represents the Rock’n Roll related works, from 2004, when she became a freelance photographer to March 2009, when she went to hospital because of BLldd一Chiari syndrome. These are the most of the photos that she had selected herself for the future exhibition. As the continuation of the Luna’s dream, her works will be exhibited as two parts, at her favorite spots: venue (Yugongyishan) and music festival (Modern Sky Festival 2009).

Luna used to go back to her car and turn on the radio, every night after her shoot at different venue. “Let’s get more music!” She said. True, there’s an end to the party, but the music and dream will always go on…

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