We couldn’t imagine that we could be able to participate in public life with current’s attitude. Neither did we imagine a way of communication – live music, which allows you to be truly connected with other people in an exciting and enjoyable atmosphere. Unexpectedly, a lot of necessary but hard-to-tell topics and feelings are able to be unfolded smoothly.


Is this scene important?


Our four bands are friends and partners who take delight in establishing music stage. Due to this, there was no objection when The Fuzz came up with this idea. However, things there were discussions of how to carve the two hours’ show in its best position.


We are open to more people who lead a full and varied life but might be encountered with more or less annoyance. What we expect are more unexpected people and people with more passionate and open-minded soul. Let’s wait for the start of powerful music together.


The truth is – the social environment surrounded us is not hospitable enough with an in-depth and fresh way of communication – which we shall prompt its development.


Live shows are written in water, but the spirit of live shows is, on the contrary.


The Fuzz

The Fuzz formed in February 2010 in the ancient capital, Xi’an. Their music brims with abundant vitality, moves its audience from the inside, stirring anger in their calm. On stage they’re like a perpetual motion machine, relentlessly generating captivating noise. Their music points directly to your heart, simply but powerfully.



“Hiperson owns abundant song structures, screaming performances and poetic lyrics. Hiperson reveals an authentic attitude of rock music.” Douban music once described.



Stolen is a Chinese band, coming from Chengdu, with five musicians and a VJ from France. Undoubtedly, Stolen is a live band born with visual elements. Their music is a fusion of traditional rock music, the earlier period of synthesizer trend and the popular Techno Trip-hop Coldwave and other electronic elements of modern electronic music. This kind of amalgamation ensures Stolen’s in-depths and explosive sound in the live shows.


The Fallacy

The Fallacy is a power trio (three-piece rock band) who is influenced by Post-Punk, Noise-Rock, No-Wave and etc. Their live show is meticulous and explosive. Musician Haisong Yang said that The Fallacy’s show is one of the best live shows of domestic bands he had ever seen. The Fallacy signed with Modern Sky in 2015. Its third album is completed recording in September this year and will be released soon.


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