Andrés Godoy

Andrés Godoy was born in San Antonio, Chile. He is a one of a kind guitar player who only plays the guitar with his left hand.


At the age of 10, his grandparents gave him his first guitar. From there he had tutors whom he learned many different styles and techniques of popular and classical guitar.


At 14, Andrés had an accident in which he lost all of his right arm. But through the passion, imagination, perseverance, creativity and practice, Andrés invented a technique that enable him to play the guitar in one hand which what he called “Tatap”. He plays the percussion, strumming which he creates rhythmns, harmonies, songs and music with only his right hand.


Andrés has showcased the technique on several international tours (he recently returned from China), and in addition to a career spanning 40 years both as an ensemble and solo guitarist.



Andrés has published 5 Independent Disks:

1. We are not alone (1985)

2. Respite (1990)

3. Ten Pieces For a Hand (1994)

4. Species (orchestral work not published in 1996)

5. The Risa o of Send (Black Sheep 2007)


Music Production

From 1991 up to 2013, his parallel work develops a comprehensive Music Production. From his experience, Andrés guides and supported countless bands highlighting the Chilean music scene including hit records made at: Synergy, Worst of Chile, 2X, Polimetro, Cholomandinga, Los Bandoleros Teno, Subaltern, Tito Escárate, Kekoyoma, Chocloneta, Lilith, Killterry, Cabrera, Kimeros and more.


Agustin Amigo

Agustin Amigo is a passionate song maker and acoustic guitarist. Born in the Canary Islands, the Spanish guitarist moved at teenager age out of his parents’ house to Germany where he met Ulli Boegershausen. The German master encouraged him to play solo acoustic guitar and from that moment on Amigo started an astonishing journey of music creativity and own distinct style.


He has composed more than 100 songs and recorded 5 albums. The leading German acoustic guitar magazine “Akustik Gitarre” writes about Amigo: “Amigo has an own signature style with immaculate beautiful tone” and praises his music: “a really recommendable album with atmospheric instrumentals full of rich harmonies and remarkably pleasing sound”.


Indeed, Amigo has a great clarity in the voicing of his music that makes it enjoyable to listen to, but also a tremendous quality of sound coming through his guitar and setup, as notes blend into certain notes and others fade creating a great flow and feel.


He has performed live in many European- and Asian concert halls, playing solo or sharing the stage with famous fingerstyle players like Jacques Stotzem, Masa Sumide, Huang Chia Wei or Sungha Jung.


Amigo proudly plays Naga Guitars and Elixir Strings.


List of records: 2010- “Words I Couldn´t Say”/ 2011- “If Only You Knew”/ 2012- “Turtle in the Sun”/ 2014- “Singapore”/ 2015- “The Power of Love”


Huang Chia Wei

In Fingerstyle music world, Huang Chia Wei’s name, is indispensable; He is dedicated to guitar music education and promotion, He is a pioneer Taiwan Fingerstyle guitarist.

His music combined Chinese traditional music and western guitar techniques. Creating a gentle, romantic, relaxed melodies.

His original song “Realm of Wind” has become No.1 hit in Taiwan Fingerstyle music, almost every Fingerstyle player has coved this song, meanwhile, his arrangement “Loving You” also get more than 1,500,000 views in Youku.

Not only a guitarist, he is also a promoter in Fingerstyle music, He started to promote Fingerstyle music in Taiwan since 1995, during these years, Chia Wei has invited many world-class Fingerstyle guitarists to Asia, such as: Tommy Emmanuel, Pierre Bensusan, Masaaki Kishibe, Sungha Jung and so forth.


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