Let’s drink, listen to Rock bands and dance! It’s festival time!
Jokers Belief

Jesters and Jokers of medieval times were required to bring levity to the court and to meet the Kings requests. One Jester was required to entertain and amuse his King on demand, and if he failed, he was killed. The Jester lived – we call it “Jokers Belief”

5 nationalities with 5 influences bringing you a fusion of funk, rock and Neo soul. We call it “Jokers Belief”
Paper Tigers

The Paper Tigers are Beijing’s “hottest new indie rock band,” and they are taking China by storm. With an explosive and “danceable” sound reminiscent of The Clash and The Cure meets Block Party and The Arctic Monkeys, the band’s original new music is the creation of experienced and successful musicians from four continents forged together in Beijing’s booming underground scene.
One Hung Low

“Men grab your beers, women grab a cocktail, those One Hung Low boys are coming into town! An eclectic mix of aggressive blues, funk, and hard rock with lyrics not meant for for innocent ears. Rick Marvelous, Bourbon Slim, The Guillotine, Salty Snacks, and Yeahbro! all met in the rock capital of Beijing in the year of our dark lord 2013 with one goal in mind: to finally make the kind of music you can both get down and down a pint to. So what are you waiting for? Join us in the church of sin today, raise a glass, and get ready to rock!”
The Rebel 5

The Rebel 5 consists of Stuart Wiggin (Vocalist), Fan Zhai (Guitarist), Troy Hankansson (Bassist), Roy Sun (Keyboardist), and Fareed “Dojo Shaolin” (Drummer). Formerly known as the Rotten 5, the Rebel 5 is a soul group which incorporates a UK hip-hop sound into their music. Covering some of the greatest names in Soul, TR5 are one of Beijing’s most unique groups that can get you moving on the dance floor.
Jump the Fence

With members from three continents, Jump the Fence brings together a range of influences to create an alternative indie sound that is unlike anything else in Beijing. Join Fred (China) on bass, Syl (France) on guitar, Lukas (UK) on drums, and Jody Wade (US) on synth and vocals for a catchy, energetic live music experience that will leave you buzzing for days to come. Come and Jump the Fence!



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