It began in the secret land of Medog. It is the origin of endless stories and the descendants’ songs and chants: the epic Monpa migration hundreds of years ago. This is the story of Yunggie’s people, and a heartbreaking elegy for her Ancestors.

Spending the last 7 years making music, Yungie felt the time has come to show the world what her music is about. This tour and upcoming debut Album <Lament for the World of Suffering: The Sacred Land of the Lotus> is dedicated to Monpa people and her family. It reconnects her root and expresses her gratitude to the land and people that guided her through life. Yunggie was firstly scouted by Mr. Song Yuzhe from Dawanggang when her casually hummings of the ancient Monpa tunes caught his attention, who then invited her to join the band and the indie music scene. Monpa ancient tunes have made her a musician, and also led her to trace back her ancestor’s history and legacy. The Monpa ancient tunes are her first and only pathfinder. With years of music pursuits, Yunggie sings out the ancient Monpa stories, happiness and sadness of this mortal world.

For Monpa people, faith is their life. Only singing could express the most constant and dedicated strength within one’s heart. Yunggie’s singing is melodious and dedicate, expressing the most turbulent emotions in the most feminine way. Yunggie rarely speaks, because singing is her preferred way of communication. The ancient Monpa tunes are about faith, solitude, tenacity and vastness. They connects her with the nature. The mountain woods listen to her voice and answers with gentle quivering wind.

Organizer:Yunggie Ma Studio Musikid
Promotion Support: Space Circle
Exclusive Ticketing: Musikid
Written by: Aodeng Tuoya
Photographer: Yan Zhen / Sun Xiao
Trailer Producer: Dong Min



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