Transition are a three piece British rock band creating music that touches the soul – a fusion of eastern and western musical influence! Their roots are in Bristol, U.K, but they combine this rock foundation with Asian rhythm and melody, producing music that inspires audiences from both sides of the globe.

Transition’s three years living and performing in Taiwan had a profound effect on their lives and music, especially their song-writing. Their first mandarin song ‘Sorry My Chinese Isn’t so Good’ became an instant youtube hit. It gathered over a million views, and is now an anthem for all foreigners learning Chinese!

Transition released their first ever mandarin album, ‘Kua Yue’ in December 2013. Arrangement and production included the involvement of several well known names: Jay Chou (arrangement advice), Wing Lo (lyrical assistance) and the band’s long- term friend, Sam Bell (U2, REM, Robbie Williams, Snow Patrol, Bloc Party, Editors). All this created an inspirational finish to the recorded sounds! ʻKua Yueʼ is a great showcase for the band’s unique fusion of east/west rock and stayed in the Taiwanese independent charts top 5 for most of December 2013!

Bassist Niall Dunne decided that the end of 2013 was the time to say goodbye to the band, making this album an historic part of the band’s journey, but also ushering in a new era for Transition.

This year Transition have played venues across the UK (London, Bristol, Portsmouth, Oxford etc) and added to their global reach when featured on BBC World Service. Next the band gears up for a significant tour in mainland China in the summer and look to feature at the Golden Indie Music Awards in Taiwan later in the Autumn. 2014 can be an immense year for the band.



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