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LONE [Beijing] / CHUI WAN [Beijing] / THE HARRIDANS [UK] / LIU YUSI & BAND [Shenzhen] /  TREE [Hangzhou] /  FUSHA [Guizhou] 

Lone is not folk music. This is the only introduction of the band for seven years. Even intimate friends cannot quite define this band formed by ex-Joyside lead Bian Yuan and drummer Fan Bo. But in Beijing, Lone is everybody’s secret track.

Chui Wan is a four piece experimental psychedelic rock band from Maybe Mars, Beijing. The name of the band comes from Taoist philosopher Zhuang Zi’s writing Qi Wu Lun (On the Equality of Things): wind blows over tens of thousands of hollows, and creates in this contingency marvelous sounds. Chui Wan as an experimental project listens to the infinity of spirit and inner self. Chui Wan released its debut album White Night under Maybe Mars in November 2012.

The HarriDans是is a five piece psychedelic folk rock band from UK, led by Dan Taylor. Taylor, as the soul of the band, comes from UK; guitarist Robin come from another band 16 minutes; drummer Fabao is Brazilian; flute/ saxophone is from Israel; drummer Carlo comes from UK. Influenced by folk and art rock in the 60s and 70s, The HarriDans has an extremely psychedelic folk rock expression, a fine structure that is both delicate and grand. Signature works are traditional folk-structure songs with extra layers of improvised instrumentals and vocals, often of more than ten minutes in terms of length.

Independent musician Liu Yusi came from Shenzhen, is now based in Beijing, and has previously studied in Australia. He has long been interested in blues, folk, and classic rock n’ rolls from the 60s and 70s. In recent years, Yusi spent much time experiencing Chinese folk and rural compositions from all over the country. Based on this experience, he narrates fascinating stories through simple compositions and passionate performances. Other lives are lived through his music. Yusi and the band will also present new compositions for the MUSHROOMFESTIVAL 2014.

Tree is initiated by Xu Jun in 2009. After a number of changes, for the MUSHROOMFESTIVAL 2014, Tree acts as a personal music project of Xu Jun. Xu Jun tries with a range of musical expressions breaking through from the limitations of one man performance: with modified acoustic guitar, effects, and kick drum, Xu Jun embarks on an imaginative, continuous journey of musical experiments. It is also a retrospective of ear. In terms of style and content, Tree carries on its warmth, optimism, and self-statements.

Fusha, quiet and humble, comes from Gui Zhou and is of Dong minority. Fusha collaborated with Marisol Borris from Chile on EP Shared Thoughts in 2006. In 2008, by chance, Fusha got to sing with locals on boat in Gui Zhou for a whole night, and experienced for the first time intimacy and happiness brought by close interaction with strangers. And, for the first time, Fusha was immersed in the music of his own ethnic belonging. “It’s a voice that comes from human instinct, just like talking.” Fusha became fascinated by it, collected and archived folk musics of Dong minority and others in Gui Zhou area, and has based his own creation on these folk musics. Presently, Fusha is based in Beijing, and he occasionally collaborates with avant-garde musicians and groups.

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