Hoyliang: Guqin

Littledream: Guitar

Roy: Bass

Seasean: Drums

music style: Guqin-rock, Post-rock, Instrumental rock

Zhaoze, aka The Swamp, are one of the most famous post-rock band from China formed in 90s. Their music is touching, imaginative, and unique, features in the integration of Guqin, one of the most traditional Chinese instrument, and the modern post-rock, to provide a dark and beautiful poetic world.

Hoyliang, the leader of Zhaoze said: “There’s always two definitions of Post-rock: one be just narrowly defined to a mainstream style of such as those bands Mogwai, EITS and so on; and the other one be more broadly defined to describe all the overturning innovations of the traditional rock. Zhaoze’s music belong to the latter.”Fantastic, impressive and passionate live performance is also a trademark from Zhaoze.

The name of “Zhaoze”, that means Swamp in Chinese, is an analogy of human’s nearby nature until the home of spirit—our innermost secret. Both of them are similar in some ways: fixed yet mobile; ruined yet vital. This could be another explanation to Zhaoze’s music.

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