The Hang-prototype of HandPans is crafted by Felix Rohner and Sabina Scharer of the PANArt Company in Bern Switzerland. The Hang first took shape in 2000. Hang means ‘hand’ in the local Bernese dialect which is an appropriate name as the Hang is designed to be played with ones’ hands.Hang’s enchanting sound bewitches everyone that hears it.

Since 2008, more and more Hang enthusiasts whom were inspired by the Hang have started making their own instruments. Some of them have unique characters and fascinating timbre. They are collectively called as HandPan, As distinguished from Hang.


Hang In Balance:

Daniel one of the world’s most travelled HandPan players, regularly traveling internationally to perform. It is his aim to travel the world to inspire smiles, induce relaxation and promote the art he is passionate about, while collaborating a vast array of artists wherever possible.

In 2010, the streets of Barcelona witnessed English Daniel Waples and Catalonian Flavio Lopez perform for the first time together. “HandPan and Violin” is a rendez-vous between two instruments, two countries, two souls driving the listener in a euphoric, yet soothing dance where all becomes one.

“HandPan and Violin” is the beginning of a musical adventure and a friendship between Lopez and Waples who since then renewed their work, to our ears’ greatest pleasure.

Tickets online: http://yugongyishantickets.taobao.com

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  • Tickets: Rmb 150 (door) / 100 (presale | stop at midnight on 2nd of April)