One Sentence. Supervisor love encoding their messages and covering their tracks. They thrive as they seek to surprise and bewitch with intentional simplicity. With their debut This Heavy Sea, OSS tie up their blooming flowers into a bouquet and set sail. At times, listening to OSS makes you think of a cat that has fallen into water: A sort of noiseless struggle. This interplay of circumstances is an ode to life, bighearted in itself and towards the rest of the world.

It’s not only the rights of statues the three Chinese musicians would like to rebuild, but especially the lost authenticity of music. The band mixes a rather minimalistic game with catchy melodies. The result could be best described as a renovation of Post-Punk combined with Synthesizers. And whoever works with Brian Eno on his debut EP knows how to surprise the audience over and over.



Musically speaking, Pet Conspiracy takes influence from punk rock, new wave and electro music, while their live acts brings the engery of Peaches and Crystal Castle mixed to the theatrical athmospheres of German surrealistic movies. Pet Conspiracy is a project, rather than a band, watching their shows is an  experience, rather than simple entertainment.
Duck Fight Goose is a Shanghai-based band, formed in 2009. Unfailingly playful, they reject all sadness and are known for playing funny games with their instruments. They are their own influences. Their style is a blend of traditional-rock, experimental-rock and electronic music, which results in a swinging and sagging yet psychedelic experience.

Their audio-visual performances and interactive installations have brought 8gg to important institutions and festivals from Asia to Europe. They have been to Europe on several occasions, which allowed them to collect a great number of video material. This rich visual archive will now form the starting point for an individual live video mix: A Chinese view on Switzerland – the result of an inspiring exchange.

China Drifting Festival is a hub for the introduction of Chinese avant-garde music and visual arts in Europe. China Drifting Festival will present some of the most renowned music acts from the independent music scene in China. It will be held in Zurich and Berlin to show the audience the vibrant Chinese music scene.
The China Drifting Festival in Europe is announced by two shows in Beijing and Shanghai. Both shows will feature the same Chinese acts that are travelling to Europe for the festival and include a band form Switzerland. China Drifting will be held in Beijing on Friday, 28 March 2014 and then the musicians will travel to Shanghai for a show on Saturday, 29 March 2014.

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