Every musician must one day free himself from role models and traditions if he wishes to cross the well known trodden paths. Pascal Schumacher does this in an emphatic, sensual way.

The vibraphone does not make things easy for him. Its sound is exotic, but is inflexible and historically restricted to entertainment and effects. The young Luxembourg  musician  not only wishes to assert himself in the mass of inconsistent reference systems; he also wants to send a  signal. His musical mixture is distinctive, ranging stylistically  from  late Romantic to the new emphatic quality  of the present. The sounds approach the discreet funkiness of the Fender Rhodes or the semblance of steel drums, play with an organ-like elegiac mood on the one hand and opulence increasing  to a state of  trance on the other. And they do not end with Pascal Schumacher’s instrument but build on the energy of the quartet, on the force of a reciprocal creative power. The result is remarkable.


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  • Tickets: Rmb 80 (door) / 50 (presale | stop at midnight on 29th of October)