Founded in 2008, Marnyi Stone Band (former Makye Ame Band) is the very first original Tibetan music band in China.

It won the championship of “China’s Tibetan Singing Festival” in 2011 organized by Sichuan Satellite TV. The band was invited by the Music Channel of CCTV to perform in a special show in 2012. It conducted a charity concert and donated the proceeds to “Orphanage of Benevolence”. The four members of the band are from different Tibetan regions. XianZi, a three-stringed plucked instrument used by the band, is a Tibetan folk music instrument commonly used in the regions of Shangri-la in Yunnan and Batang in Sichuan. Terz guitar is a popular Tibetan folk music instrument found in Tibetan and certain parts of the Amdo. Mandolin is a music instrument originated from Italy, and improved in the Amdo region in the past 100 years.

Marnyi Stone Band has a unique style of music performing mixing classic terz guitar, melodious XuanZi, phantasmal Mandolin and modern guitar, hand drum from India, inverted bell, alms bowl, Dhama drum used in Buddhist events. By inheriting the traditional folk music and blending various music elements from the world, the band presents the original and loving music from the three Tibetan regions utilizing the latest art forms and a perfect combination of music instruments and the voice of human beings.

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