T.r.a.n.s.i.t.s.c.a.p.e is a dance company born in 2003 of the encounter between the plastician architect Pierre Larauza and the dance choreographer Emmanuelle Vincent, who wished to confront and cross their disciplines with visual and audial arts. Distorsions urbaines is a dance show at the crossing of disciplines that can be placed like open theater in the heart of urban space. Distorsions urbaines presents a constellation of micro phenomena that overlap – poetry, music, temporary installations – conversing and sketching an unusual identity of the city.

Djang San:

 One of the Veterans of the Chinese music scene, a musical pioneer who went in thousands of different artistic directions.

A One Man Band like no other, mixing Chinese folk music and poetry with video he produces himself. Music that will make you travel through space and time.  More infos at

Mathieu Ha:

Matthieu Ha ‘s solo sound syst’aime ( Psycho Accordian! ). This is a must see artist from belgium. Vietnamese origin, this Eurasian imposes his original style with his “contro alto” voice. Singing with no lyrics, his music becomes narrative, expressive, strange and international. He succeed to drive a song without words to universal language.


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  • Tickets: 50 Rmb