Halloween is about a lot more than getting candy and wearing a costume. For Not There, Christmas and the Randy Able Stable, Halloween has always been about seeing great bands play very special concerts and throwing the best party of the year.

This year we decided the time was right to throw a huge party at Yugongyishan bringing together 3 very eclectic bands with deep roots in American and Chinese music. What’s so special about Halloween Comes Early is the blending of many different kinds of music. All 3 bands are very excited about exposing a whole new audience to traditional American music, live house and the indescribable quirky pop of Christmas.

Halloween shows are special and all 3 bands are doing everything possible to make Halloween Comes Early the best Halloween party in town. Not There is personally buying kilo after kilo of candy to make sure everyone needs to visit the dentist and DJ Da Yong will be keeping the party going till the late hours of the night. There will also be hand-picked DJ sets between bands with special guests making sure the beat never stops.

Friday, October 28th at Yugongyishan, get the party started with Not There, Christmas, the Randy Able Stable and people wearing costumes.

Halloween Comes Early this Year, Don’t Miss It!

  • Start:
  • Tickets: Rmb 50/30 (presale)