Tokyo punks ONC bring a driving energy to every show, while Tokyo’s Shuhari crafts building melodies and Taiwan’s Half Mile Radius performs thoughtful and complex rock songs.

Tokyo’s SHUHARI has established itself as unique among

instrumental post-rock bands due to the overwhelming passion and

energy they bring to live performances. Kohei’s shifting guitar

melodies glide over Kotaro’s cyclic drums and Kodai’s steady bass lines in carefully crafted songs that manage to be simultaneously lingering yet energetic, patient yet lively.


Tokyo’s ONC is a longstanding fixture in Tokyo’s punk scene, having played all over Japan as well as Taiwan. Combining melodic punk rock with reggae, ska, and hardcore, ONC brings a captivating energy to every stage they play on. Led by mohawked singer/guitarist Hiro, the band gets its driving force from drummer Shinya and maniacal bassist Kaz. Occasional contributor Fivearelli from L.A. adds a unique rasta-tinged flare to this diverse and multitalented



Taiwan-based HALF MILE RADIUS has created a unique sound

characterized by combinations of seemingly inconsistent time

signatures into seamlessly catchy rock songs. Drummer Brian Giles

holds the diverse rhythms together, providing a framework for

singer/guitarist Dan Harrington and the extra layer of noise and

melody provided by guitarist Big Cool. Half Mile Radius’ first fulllength

CD Triage is scheduled for August 2011 release.


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