GTB10: Plant Your Seed Grand Finale


GTB goes back to its Black Rock City roots in this double-feature presentation of documentary films provided by the Burning Man Film Festival.

“Beyond Black Rock” (110 mins; English w/Chinese subtitles)
 This first-ever authorized documentary goes behind the scenes for an authentic peek at the inner workings of Burning Man from the inside out. Beyond Black Rock explores the philosophy that fuels this unique social revolution and the tireless organizers, artists and participant efforts that create and nurture a cultural force worldwide.

“Burn on the Bayou” (56 mins; English w/Chinese subtitles)
 At the end of August 2005, Hurrican Katrina slammed into the Louisiana and Mississippi coasts devastating over 90,000 square miles and causing $120 billion in damage. 2,000 miles away, a group of volunteers emerged from an event in the Neveda desert to restore an area of the region through creativity and community.

4:00 – 7:00 pm

30 RMB playa wear // 50 RMB street clothes

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It’s your last chance to view award winning photographer, Sean Gallagher’s latest work, “China’s Threatened Waters” capturing the disappearance of wetlands across the country and its human impact.

GTB10: Plant Your Seed goes out with a big bang featuring performances from: Craig Clarke, Jordan Thomas Mitchell, The Talented Jess Meider, and GTB’s favorite shining star artistic cyclist, Ines Brunn. Audio-visual interludes by ElectricShadows.


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