Featuring the RICKY SIXX Band

Comrades at Arms,

It’s official. We are throwing the best muthafuckin’ Christmas party of all time. It’s going to be an 80s freakout Christmas fete of epic proportions at Yugong Yishan. Not only will you be bumping and grinding to slammin’ 80s tunes, but the outrageous Ricky Sixx Band will rip through a set of the hottest 80s glam metal hits of all time (think Mötley Crüe, Guns N’ Roses, Poison and Bon Jovi). Take note: there is going to be a strict door policy for 80s attire. Penalties will be enacted against those who do not dress up in their 80s finest or some costume resembling your favorite 80s pop icon (think MJ, Dynasty, Bowie, John Hughes flicks, Madonna, or ET). This is just a warning. More details to come.

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  • Tickets: Free