Special Guest: Felix, Yu Zhou (Easy FM – Easy Morning)

Veterans of the China rock scene, CIR were formed in 1994, bringing their melodic and infectious pop + sometimes punk to the ears of metal-drenched music fans. Their cheerful sound, such as on their hit single My Sunday, won them a record contract in 1996, bringing them briefly to radio and later tv, making them the earliest underground band (besides Sober) to cross over to the pop music world. With their band members involved in other projects and without further progression on the pop scene, CIR languished for a period, but signed with power label Taihe Maitian in 2004. Their first album under Taihe Maitian in 2006, My World (Wo de Shijie), saw the band move away from their early bubble gum sound to a lusher, more guitar-driven sound, and brought the band back into the spot light for a period. Their 2007 greatest hits album reviewed the band’s 10 plus years of history, and focused on their environmentally-friendly, peace and love single, Green. In 2009, CIR won CCTV’s “Charity China” award for most environmentally active celebrity and this year the album All That You Need (Suoyou Ni Xuyao de) won the China Gold Record Award for Best Rock Album. In May this year the band released its latest single, Running Alone (Yi Ge Ren de Benpao).

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