“Lonely China Day’s new album “This Readily Assimilative People” is an incredibly visual album. Each song draws you into a place that transcends the East, West, and even the Earth itself. From the sparseand jaded opening track entitled “The Mutterer” to the throbbing percussive elements and ethereal guitar of “Qinhui the Runaway” that culminates in a schizophrenic frenzy, LCD demonstrate their daring and unabashed exploration of sound. This is not something you’ve heard before. When I close my eyes, I’m still hurtling through space and time in “Summon My Spirit At Lotus Pond.” This album represents musicians at their best: pushing the sonic frontier and transcending the auditory experience, hitting you in your gut and making you see the future. It’s a place you want to be and an album you have to have.

It will help you get there.”

—Stephen Imwalle

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  • Tickets: Rmb 79.9 / 59.9 (in advance)
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