(July, 2010)What sparks your summer with passion? How can rock music trigger your energy for life and excitement?  Inspired by music and using rock music as the fountain of creation, on July 30th at 9:00 pm, the stylish  Zippo brand will be joined by four top rock bands in China, including Snapline, White+, Ourself Beside Me and Guai Li will step foot  at the Yugong Yishan to create even more rock sensations. Together with Zippo, these four bands will create a whole new Rock N’ Roll festival and guarantee that fans will be fully sparked by the passion of the cool and edgy Zippo brand as well as Rock N’ Roll.

In present day, Zippo has already passed the glorious 78 years of being the classic tool for lighting cigarettes and has become the ultimate symbol of style, freedom and culture. In the process of creating this Zippo legend, Zippo has continuously used music as its primary  source  of inspiration  and  designed  lighters that are more edgy and  popular everytime.  People can never get tired of Rock N’ Roll themed lighter designs, and  Zippo has become the leading trend for trendy consumers and youngsters because of its strong symbol of freedom and independence combined with the edgy lifestyle that rock music signifies.   And now, Zippo will organize a series of six Hot List concerts beginning from May 28 to October 29 to light up the summer season with Zippo and Rock N’ Roll. After the first two epic Zippo Hot List rock concerts, Zippo with team with Snapline, White+, Ourself Beside Me and Guai Li to create yet another rock legend at 9 pm on July 30th. Other than the cool stage design and passionate rock performances, all stylish guests will be able to see a line of classic Zippo lighter designs. After the Zippo Hot List tour finishes in October, Zippo will also launch a unique line of limited edition Zippos that contains the elements of freedom, culture and Beijing Rock N’ Roll. And do you, in this passion filled Rock N’ Roll summer, wish to have your very own Zippo? Because from now on, if your purchase a new Zippo from any authorized retail outlets, you will receive two Zippo Hot List concert tickets, or you can purchase a ticket at Yugong Yishan on the night of the event. Let us eagerly wait for the arrival of the passionate, glamorous, crazy and Rock N’ Roll filled Zippo Hot List Night on July 30th!

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  • Tickets: Rmb 80 / 50 (presale)