Warm up: The Offset: Spectacles


The first show after release the 2010 album “This Readily Assimilative People”, which was produced and released by the band independently. Deng Pei, during one and a half years’ strict production, overthrew his concepts again and again. If the previous album” Sorrow” shows the unique musical genre and strong affection to China, this new album will continue and determine the particular “Lonely China Day” Genre and develop it to a topper tier.
The band chooses the best paper print technique to produce the CD in order to achieve the precise cover art designed by Deng Pei. There are two versions of the CD, limited 2,000 copies. Besides release abroad, this album will also be sold at the band’s live shows, some indie record stores and the band’s online shop. After the release, the whole album can be downloaded at the band’s Myspace

Some video works for this album release:
“LONELY CHINA DAY Canadian Music Week 2009” produced by band assistant Tian Xi (http://vimeo.com/10717543) . “Rise Up” music video which is directed by Stephen Imwalle (Vj & manager of band Johnnytwentythree) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZphmiKIizms)
More videos will update soon:  London director Iyvone Khoo like the experimental spirit of the band, after a short meeting during the band performance at London, She decided to film “227150”, “Dancing Genius” and “Qin hui the Runaway”.

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