DAGADANA, for eight years now, have triumphantly merged elements of Ukrainian and Polish culture through jazz, electronic and world music. By mixing folk, jazz and electronica they create their own unique language. Their full of humour concerts show that they make the music of such kind that makes both the listener and the performer happy. Full of warmth vocal lines sang often through voice processors, bold synthetic sounds, melodic acoustic bass and children’s toys used as instruments is Dagadana’s method to flood the listener with sounds that are never boring. Their latest 4th record „Meridian 68” collects traditional songs from many regions of Poland and Ukrainian. And there’s an exceptional piece recorded in Chinese in collaboration with a band they met in Beijing – North Lab.
The core of the new album is made of Polish and Ukrainian folk songs. Dagadana found their inspiration in many sources: amongst their families and friends, at ethnic music workshops, as well as on their friends’ and families’ bookshelves.
The Eastern influence is the result of an encounter with extraordinary musicians – Hassibagen (from Inner Mongolia) and Aiys Song from China – during Dagadana’s visit to Beijing.

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