MUMA China Tour



Who was the first rock band which hold more than 30 national tour and make a hurried journey without stop on the road of youth as well as the blossom on the stage. Performed for many years in the major music festival. The chorus of thousands of people on the stage of the carnival, is the best witness to the youth.Let too many youth story hidden behind a song of classical music of Muma.


Muma is the shining ROCKSTAR, is the most artistic temperament of the rock artist, he has been called “the most fashionable rock music”, created their own expression of inspiration and the continuing outbreak of the charm of the stage. <Muma>,<Yellow Star>,<Jelly Empire>,<Evolution>, these albums lay high music achievement of Muma. <The pure>,<Feifei run> <She is a beautiful southern dim star> etc. are still popular, classic, warm and beautiful. Life and music are continuing, everyone is the same, no matter how the reality changes, we will not stop the pursuit of good things. For us, each performance of Muma is a dream, this dream is interesting, no matter how long, what will take us back to a certain place are the melodies and paragraphs and bring a moment of joy for us. Muma comes back with his re-recorded album <Pure2016> and will hold the national tour in September.<Pure 2016> is no longer as dark as before but warm all the time. When Muma comes back the only thing for us to do id to be with him.


Muma said, there are people who has listened <Pure 2016> and will listen to it again. But they and I are old. But I’m still create songs for you which will become a node of your life as well as mine.


Muma: His rock and roll can dance, this is my deepest feelings to him. Most people can pogo music scene, but only Muma makes people want to dance. This is probably his most distinctive charm.


In the last few days of the 2016, go to the scene to listen to Muma to sing the <pure 2016>.


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