Life is a wonderful journey where one gets to taste a bit of everything. Somehow ironically, those occupied in the present has long forgotten how to truly define one’s soul and faith. Maybe all goes to the same end anyway.

Is this what you possess now what you have been desiring? Or, are you truly who you wanted to be? All of us are fortresses of solitude. We try to bring you back to your past of wildness and naïveté, to reincarnation.

Produced and recorded by Da Zhi of Black Head, in collaboration with TimeString Records we present to you Island Mood’s first album Hearsay (纷纭). Brand new tracks bring to you brand new in-depth reflections of yourself. Unlike previous compositions, Hearsay (纷纭) is solid and solemn. New compositions are purification after the band’s metamorphosis. The Island Mood used to be young, sunny and quiet. Now they are still joyfully and gratefully chanting, but also crying after being confused and lost, furiously after painful enlightenments. The changes come from wanderings and live experiences. Island Mood no longer merely pay attention to the present; they are also becoming critical while exploring their lives in reality.



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