Hailing from deepest France, via everywhere and nowhere, Vialka are a devilishly high-spirited nomadic duo whose frontier-touring has taken them to all corners of the globe on a seemingly permanent world tour since their formation in 2002. Deriving their influences from traditional and modern underground music from around the globe Marylise Frecheville (percussion & voice) and Eric Boros (baritone-guitar & voice) create music that trespasses unabashedly across all borders. In recent years Vialka have collaborated with Chinese folk-icon Xiao He, formed the six-piece big band KIV Orchestra with members of the avant-klezmer unit Kruzenshtern i Parohod, constructed a solar-powered sound system for concerts in India, and embarked on a microphone-free acoustic tour of intimate and unconventional venues, continuing to break all the rules and push their own limits wherever they go.


















Alpine Decline appeared in 2010 in East LA spinning up their machines & spinning out a web made of quarter inch tape. In less than a year they recorded three full length albums & then promptly vanished, spirited to China. Guitars photocopied & torn up in the thin air, drums pulsing & voices rippled by in waves of a leaky gas valve. Songs like short stories, myths from some lost nowhere time.



























The Harridans is psychedelic folk rock five-piece from UK, led by Dan Taylor. Taylor comes from UK, and has been influenced heavily by the folk and art rock bands of the sixties and seventies. The songs are very much psychedelic folk in nature, of delicate arrangements and grand beauty. The structure of traditional folk is fused into improvised instrumental and vocal performances, mostly lasting for more than 10 minutes.



























The pioneer of Beijing underground rock Bian Yuan formed in 2001 the legendary Joyside. The album Booze in Neptune Dawn was monumental to Chinese indie rock. After it was disbanded in 2009, Bian Yuan started his own project and released his first solo album <Dead Inside>. ‘Who awakes first, in life only me comprehends myself. Booze and the beauty are just as they were, so are the stars. But the song gains a new tune.’



























Late Troubles is the band formed by Chen Xi of Snapline.

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