JUE | Music + Art x Genjing Records Present Primitive Calculators

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“Primitive Calculators aren’t alone with a strong understanding of how fucked the world is, but what sets them apart from just about everybody is their understanding of how to mirror it back in a way that captures fathomless absurdity in a drawn-out guttural sound.” – Tiny Mix Tapes


Genjing Records as part of JUE | Music + Art are proud to present the brash, visceral sound of Primitive Calculators to Beijing and Shanghai. Once one of the rawest acts of the 70’s Australian punk scene, 35 years later they’re back and meaner than ever.


Primitive Calculators formed in 1978 in Melbourne, Australia. Their music was influenced by proto-punk acts like The Godz and The Velvet Underground, Texan 1960s psychedelic punk, James Brown, and The Silver Apples as well as Australian bands like Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs. They are often compared to The Screamers from Los Angeles, Suicide, and bands from New York’s No Wave music scene.


They released their debut single “I Can’t Stop It / Do That Dance” in 1979 and were instrumental in organizing a series of gigs named “Little Band nights,” where hastily-formed bands would play for 15 minutes each. This led to the recording of a compilation EP. They became known for their use of a screeching Mosrite Ventures model guitar, primitive synthesizers (a Wasp and Roland SH2), an electronic organ played through effects pedals, and an extra fast drum machine (Roland CR-78).


The Primitive Calculators played their last gig in March 1980, though their self-titled live album came out in the early 1980s. The band reformed briefly in 1986 to perform a live version of their song “Pumping Ugly Muscle” in the Richard Lowenstein film “Dogs In Space” (they later appeared in Lowenstein’s 2009 documentary We’re Livin’ on Dog Food).


Interest in the band was sustained though, and their recordings continued to be re-released until January 2009, when the band reformed for the inaugural Australian All Tomorrow’s Parties music festival, curated by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. The band subsequently commenced the recording of a new album, called The World Is Fucked, which was released in 2013. Lead singer Stuart Grant explained the album title in a December 2013 interview:


“The album is called The World is Fucked because that’s what we believe. The world’s not any better now – in fact, it’s worse. I can remember when the hippopotamus and rhinoceros weren’t endangered species. I can remember when there was opposition, and when Chicago School economics wasn’t a naturalized reality of life. And the anger in our music is because it doesn’t need to be like that – and we don’t need to be this nasty society.”


JUE x Wizard Tang “Limitless” Photography Exhibition Opening Party


The JUE x Wizard Tang “Limitless” Photo Exhibit will hold its opening party in conjunction with Primitive Calculators in Beijing. Audience members can check out stunning photos of “Limitless” on the second floor exhibition space at Yugong Yishan!








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Primitive Calculators

Artist website: http://primitivecalculators.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/primitivecalculators

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/primitivecalculators

Tiny Mix Tapes review: http://www.tinymixtapes.com/music-review/primitive-calculators-the-world-is-fucked?desktop



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