Get ready to rumble in the concrete jungle!  The fantastic Funk*Fever fellas along with crazy live beat-maker Jekai Soulspeak (Oddibles – California) and Beijing’s amazing 15-piece Afrobeat group go back-to-back-to-back at Yugong Yishan for a night of the freshest Funk, out-of-control Afrobeat and raucous Rare Grooves. What do you get when a 15-piece band and a 5-piece DJ crew plus one powerhouse percussionist and 1 crazy beat conductor collide?! Pyrotechnics for eardrums!  So lace up those get down shoes and get up offa your thing with our All Star funk line-up!

Funk Fever is a music collective formed in February 2009, focused on bringing quality Funk, Soul, and affiliated musical forms to Beijing and China.  Their parties and dedication to the form have roused attention and the group is helping lay the foundation for solid musical diversity in the capital city and beyond.  Current members are: Slide (UK), Suiki (USA), Perman (Germany), Martin Star (Germany), Bite*Size Buddha (USA) & percussionist Sammy Slazenger – aka People’s Rhythm (UK).

Afrokoko Roots is a 15-piece international Afrobeat outfit, formed by Ghanaian multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Sunny Dada. They perform Afrobeat music in the style of Nigerian Afrobeat innovator Fela Kuti, as well as reggae classics and original songs. The band features a four-piece horn section and two dancers, two backup singers, two percussionists, bass player, keyboard player, guitar player and a drummer, which makes for a live performance that is equally exciting sonically as it is visually!

Members of the band hail from Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Burundi, The United States, The Philippines, Caribbean, Brazil, Cuba, France, Australia and China. ‘Afrokoko Roots’ are based in Beijing, China.

Jekai Soulspeak (Jekai Luen Liang) has been banging beats with his hands since he was a little snot-nosed kid, in fact his momma used to tell him at the dinner table to stop using chopsticks as drumsticks. Since then, he has studied classical guitar with the LA Guitar Quartet, DJed in various LA hip hop crews, played in various Funk and Jazz groups, and performed with various artists including Lyrics Born, KRS One, Living Legends, etc. He is part of Los Angeles Hip Hop group, The Oddibles, and Qingdao crew, Ding Zhen Ban (Thimble Clan).

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  • Tickets: Rmb 50