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Modern Sky x Guitar China x Xound Force proudly present Public Image Limited with two performances, March 2013, Beijing and Shanghai. The band was founded in England in 1978, and this is the first time for them to perform in China ever. The vocalist John Lydon is best known for his other identity: Johnny Rotten, that’s right! – the vocalist of the legendary Sex Pistols. After Sex Pistols announced their break up in 1978, he organized a new post-punk band which albums later became landmarks in post-punk music history.


Not long after founding the band, John Lydon got fed up with that time punk “Golden Era” after Sex Pistols, and couldn’t take its well-packaged and pretentious protests and anger. This led to the band’s debut album First Issue (1978), that can be considered to be the revival of punk music after its self-destruction. First Issue was one of a few albums of that era that represented the bright future of punk. It combined complex experimental elements and abandoned rough chords usually used by punk rockers, the album turned out to be artistic and progressive, and became one of a few albums of that era that represented the bright future of punk music.


As for the Chinese fans, Public Image Limited performance undoubtedly is a rare opportunity see a performance of a band that is widely regarded as one of the most innovative and influential bands of all time. PiL’s music and vision earned them 5 UK Top 20 Singles and 5 UK Top 20 Albums. With a shifting line-up and unique sound John Lydon guided the band from their debut album First Issue in 1978 through to 1992’s That What Is Not. In 2009, after 20 years yet another new and unique chapter has unfolded in the shape of new PiL material.


Public Image Ltd represents the evolution, they’ve created a transition from the chords era to the new era of synth music. This post-punk band with a fame not less than that of Sex Pistols, has overtaken them by the lyrics full of banter and sarcasm. With its experimental live performances, PiL show what’s what to the Sex Pistols die-hard punk followers, due to their progressive leader, who breaks through the boundaries of the ordinary and creates futuristic music, that becomes a classic sound of anti-rock. On March, 30 and 31, 2013, they will play two brilliant performances for the first tie in China!


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