Australian groovy hip-hop TRUE LIVE + MR. GRACELESS

After rocking Funhill Festival (Beijing, fangshan), Kaiguan Culture is proud to announce the first China tour of a six-headed hip-hop monster with a funky twist, the Australian True Live, and 2 new hot acts hailing from France Marie-Madeleine and Sir Alice. Their first stop will be right here in Beijing.

On Aug 29th, True Live will join hands with local Rock n’ Roll Vanguard Mr. Graceless to open the tour at Yugong Yishan. Marie Madeleine and Sir Alice will be there also to rock the stage. Don’t miss them!

True Live is an Australian band formed in Melbourne, Australia in 2003, consisting of 6 diverse musicians. The six-piece, which is spearheaded by frontman and producer RHyNO and incorporates a violinist, cellist, double bassist, keyboardist and drummer, contains the kind of chemistry that comes along only once in a blue moon. Individually, they are some of the most acclaimed and experienced musicians in their given fields, but together they create an all-powerful musical beast that takes on a life of its own.

Their music is hip-hop’s bizarre cousin. It’s soul with a supercharged engine. It’s the Tarantino remake of funk. True Live’s sound is the prodigal bastard son of a musical orgy, but now the son has grown into a sophisticated gentleman – albeit one that’s high on LSD. Most significantly, RHyNO’s liquid tongue effortlessly rides every drum snare and morphs to each stroke of the cello or touch of the keys – creating an ever-evolving sixth instrument.

Back from Maybe Mars 5th Anniversary big party, Mr. Graceless continues abusing their energy on stage. They stick with independent Rock n’ Roll and care for the most beautiful melody. Thanks to the precise but effortless drums, the soft bass line and the crazy while intimate guitar, most importantly, all these bring out the very harmonious vocals.

Marie-Madeleine, their sound, epic Zeus-like vocals mixed in with the flirty girly “sinking, sinking, dying, diving” is buckets of fun, is described as disco wave; like if Ian Curtis and Donna Summer went on a date in palm springs. Jarco Weiss is on vocals, Greg Wagenheim on bass, synth by Herr 2003 and Pauline Grethen is featured singing the hypnotic chorus. Marie Madeleine just put out their EP and plans on touring through Europe, asia and north America soon.

In tumultuous youth, aka Sir Alice (Alice Daquet) was influenced by grunge music and Schönberg. Then she became the Egeria of Paris based label Tigersushi, while being also a brilliant student and researcher at IRCAM. She first signed two albums made of daring, refined electronic textures, then started to tour the world and experiment endlessly on her music. Alice adapts to every environment. Her energy and sense of the performance had her quickly remarked by the media and the art scene too. She then started to produce a variety of new works: installations or “voodoo –like” happenings, for museums worldwide.

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  • Tickets: Rmb 70 / 50 (presale / students)