Hao Yun is a composer/singer/producer, living in Beijing. He has a wide range of experience in all areas of the music field, from teaching to producing soundtracks, to performing live and recording live music events.

His first album, which he wrote and produced in his own studio, captures both the sound of Beijing and the feelings of its people as they watch their city undergo its rapid transformation. His second album was released in August 28, and has been received rave reviews by fans and people in local music business. The songs are about dreams and memories of the past and ideas of the future. This album is considered as one of the most important album by Chinese local artist in the year 2010.

For his live performance, Hao Yun works with a 5 piece band of talented local musicians. The line up is: drums, bass, 2 guitars, harmonica and san xian – a 3-string old Beijing instrument. With his easy charm and witty, incisive lyrics, Hao Yun’s music connects with not only local people but those who are drawn to China and its modern heartbeat.

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