For the “A Distant Shore” Tour, Lamp is returning to China with a brand new album, “Her Watch”. They’re also sporting an expanded live setup, with seven band members. Now this time Lamp will be bringing their most complete live experience yet, and they will finally be able to play the songs from their albums without leaving anything out. Needless to say, this is one tour you shouldn’t miss.

While the music on “Her Watch” doesn’t stray too far from what fans know and love about Lamp, it’s fair to say that it’s their most cohesive and fully-realized work yet. As usual, the band’s love of variety is on display, weaving between pop/city pop, jazz fusion, soft rock, bossa nova, and other styles, showcasing their influences while coming up with their own unique approach. Lamp’s versatility has always been one of their strong points, and in this respect “Her Watch” doesn’t disappoint.

Lamp are also masters at combining opposite feelings such as intimacy and distance. Particularly on songs like “1998” or “A Train Window”, the music is so warm and inviting but at the same time evokes a feeling of longing and distance, like dreaming about winter during the summer, or getting wrapped up in a memory of something long ago and far away. Incidentally, this combination of a sense of longing with the band’s usual intimate style works perfectly with the name of the tour—a distant shore.

Although there are many great Japanese bands with similar influences, I think it’s undeniable that Lamp are certainly among the very best. Everything on “Her Watch”, from the songwriting to the musicianship and the production style, is perfectly crafted and the best of their career. Don’t miss them when they return to China!


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