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“re:plus” is a music project led by Hiroaki Watanabe, who was born in Numazu in Shizuoka prefecture. Watanabe’s influences come from a myriad of genres: breakbeat, house, hip hop, jazz, ambient, acoustic, electro and more. He’s assimilated all that he’s heard through a personal nostalgic filter and created a new unique sound. The debut single of re:plus called Everlasting Truth was featured on the official bootleg album In Ya Mellow Tone 3 (2009), which reached the top of the iTunes hip hop chart. The re:plus debut album Everlasting Truth(2010) also reached the top of the iTunes hip hop chart, and ever since has been considered a monumental work of Japan’s hip hop scene. The second single from this album Time Goes By was a hit in Korea, and the music video received more than 600,000 hits from around the world.For the second album Ordinary Landscape (2011), re:plus collaborated with Digipedi, renowned visual artists from Korea. The new works received a lot of buzz, and Ordinary Landscape’s sales eclipsed the sales of Everlasting Truth, which established re:plus’ position in the international hip hop community.In 2015, re:plus released a third album Miscellany featuring killer tracks Yourside (feature Sam Ock), which sounds like an anthem for the future of hip hop. re:plus took this new music on a Japan-wide tour with Sam Ock in May of this year.


Emily Styler:

She has a classic song sense which she cultivate from early childhood,and she put it into a sound based by HIP HOP with excellent balance and she create own world view.Famous artist like Raashan Ahmad, Steph Pockets involved her debut album “My Primal Antitheses”. Her clear whisper voice and lyrical music got a high evaluation from music scene.She released second album “Tragedy” in March 2016 limited in Sound Croud.Next February 2017, she collaborated in JAZZ field,with DJ OKAWARI in new album “Compass” as Eventually feat. Emily Styler.She got NO.1 in iTunes JAZZ top song ranking.

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