The second studio album of Mr. Graceless“Midway To The Sun” has already been released at the beginning of 2017. The band members, two Internet product managers and one early childhood music teacher put together their vacation and finally made the 7-city-tour come to reality. The band will perform the whole playlist of their new album and some classic old songs in the former album “The Tree Ever Green”. Along with the traditional three pieces songs exhibiting the band’s chemistry, the live gigs will reproduce the diversified instruments layout in the new album featuring guest musicians and special technics.

5 years after their debut album, Mr. Graceless has gone through a year of recording and finally released their second studio ablum “Midway To The Sun”.

The album features 11 singles, exhibiting the signature melody, fresh breeze of arrangement and catchy chorus of Mr. Graceless. Melodic is the characteristic which Mr. Graceless has never given up.

Member of Snapline, the leading band of the No Beijing movement, Li Qing took the role of producer in this album. As one of the pioneer artist in music industry, Li Qing provided a unique sound of independent youth while working with the band, mixing the feeling of progressive and melodic.

In the album, Mr. Graceless wrote all of the lyrics in Chinese. After years of experiment, the band has come to the conclusion that the only way to perfectly express the delicate emotion and artistic conception of the songwriter is by the use of their mother tongue. These meticulously written lyrics display the whole body of the band’s spiritual world. It is not an easy path fusing the rhythm of Chinese with the band’s original atmosphere. But through a year of polishing, they precisely expressed themselves in the album.

Double vocalists and tactic harmony have already been standard settings in Mr.Graceless’s gigs. The kept enriching this trait and created a much more plentiful sense of layer in the new album. Comparing to what in 5 years ago, the new album has shown more potential in terms of instruments: Li Zenghui played jazz style saxophone in “Black Venus”, elements of trumpet, horn and strings have been added in ‘Change” and “Tomorroworld”. These inspirations came in the early stage of songwriting were eventually realized in the final recording and brings a profound sense of hearing.

The band has re-mastered the song “Cheers, my friend” which was included in the commemorative album “Red Star No.20” in the first place. The song was reprised by Mr.Graceless with deep-well reverb vocal, melodious harmonica and slide guitar and became a Psychedelic style Shoegaze song.

The band has never limited themselves with genre and stays independent when it comes to songwriting. The world of juvenile ends with no explosion but a silent sigh. They live in a normal life just like everyone else, experiencing tears and joy. But bear doesn’t mean betrayal. They are still alive and following their hearts, tried of earning a living but never stop writing. The album contains their passion for the world.


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