Michael Rother is a renowned German musician & multi-instrumentalist. He’s best known for being a member of the band Kraftwerk in 1971, and also the founder/mastermind behind NEU! (1972 – ‘75) and Harmonia (1973 – ’76). He is considered as a key figure of the innovative music scene that originated from Germany in the early 70s, and was often lovingly dubbed the “Godfather of ambient”. His work has been an inspiration for generations of musicians – from David Bowie, Brian Eno, Iggy Pop, DEVO, Sonic Youth, Stereolab, U2, Autechre, Radiohead, Primal Scream, and many others.


Starting at the age of fifteen or sixteen, Rother began to play for multiple bands. Until today, he has released nine solo albums, which have sold over a million copies. His ’77 solo debut “Flammende Herzen” was also the inspiration behind the cult-movie “Flaming Hearts”, directed by German filmmaker Walter Bockmayer. In 1996, Paul O’Bren, contributor to the book “The Rough Guide to Rock”, wrote these words to introduce the legendary Rother: “Multi-instrumentalist Michael Rother’s closest counterpart is perhaps Mike Oldfield, but the German guitar and synth wizard’s overall output has been far more satisfying.” Perhaps…


Rother once said: “In my music, I always like to work at random. The most beautiful results sometimes come from making mistakes.” In his extended music career, Michael Rother has brought unique tunes to many countries around the world, and collaborated with esteemed musicians and bands, and will continue to fascinate the audience and peers with his music.


At the 2014 VICE party, we had the honor of inviting Michael Rother to give two remarkable performances in china. If you had missed that one, please keep an eye out for the highly anticipated upcoming “Michael Rother China Tour 2016”.


Michael Rother’s current live line-up includes Hans Lampe on drums and Franz Bargmann on guitar. Franz Bargmann is an ex-member of the Berlin-based band Camera. Hans Lampe also contributed to the album NEU! ´75 and was a member of La Düsseldorf.


GongGongGong is a rhythm-oriented guitar and bass boogie unit. The group was formed in Beijing in 2015 by Tom Ng of famed Hong Kong band The Offset: Spectacles and Joshua Frank of wild post-punk brother duo Hot & Cold. Both have been active in Beijing’s underground music scene for a decade.


HuaLun was founded in Wuhan during the winter of 2004. They are a rock band characterized by their artistic amateur spirit. After leaving the past behind, the band picked itself up again and is working towards delivering music with more life and vigor.


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