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Soundsylvania, the folk duo from Pennsylvania that enjoys traveling the world, along with Chinese folk musician Hao Zi who has been to eight countries across the Eurasia, and Yunnan, Xinjiang and Jiangnan in China alone – together they share with you the time on the road.


Soundsylvania is an American folk rock duo from the forest of Pennsylvania, made up of Shane Palko and Evan Stout. They have been playing music together for eight years and have toured internationally. They are returning to Beijing for the second time to celebrate the release of their new music.


A drop out from Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology, the chubby, always traveling Hao Zi treats songwriting as the only means of expression and recording that is sincere and truthful. He travels for a decade with ten songs, been to eight countries in Eurasia and been to Yunnan, Xinjiang and Jiangnan in China. From his first single <traveling horse> in 2009, to <sangjierduo> that is later included in Gao Xiaosong’s compilation of <Tales of Ten Cities>, to the album 流浪的脚步声响 in 2015 – he sings wherever he goes.


Hao Zi


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