刚子 [图利古尔] Gangzi [Tulegur] / BLOODY WOODS / 浩子 HAOZI

Four years of live shows.

Documenting countless moments and thousands of bands from across the world.

Walking through different music lives and experiences.

Too hard to say goodbye.

So he uses his camera to record, to document the memories and to express the world before his eyes.

To share

a story,

a moment.



Harry is an independent photographer who has been living and working in Toronto for years.

Since 2011, when he first began his career documenting concerts and live shows in Canada, until now, he’s already documented hundreds of performances. At the end of 2015 he came back to China to continue photographing and documenting music concerts and festivals.


This exhibition is about the works created between 2015 to 2016 traveling internationally and gathering moments from all of these live concerts between Canada and China. The exhibit is divided into two parts which are “From the Stage” and “Backstage” to illustrate all of the small moments that occur and for those that notice and live a life addicted to music and travel.


Gangzi, singer / songwriter from Inner Mongolia, soul of band Tulegur, and he is also known as a sound engineer. Educated in classical music and opera, and his voice is trained for a broad range of throat singing. Attracted by modern music, Gangzi moved from Inner Mongolia to Beijing to perform and compose. A year later, he returned to his hometown, Hulun Buir, where he spent time with local nomads to learn Khoomei and their cultural traditions. This nomadic experience became a revelation in his life and helped him to find his own music style. After years of solo performances, Gangzi has achieved remarkable success all around China and worldwide.

Towards the end of 2014, percussionist / electric guitarist Wang (alias Zongcan, former Ziyo and Nova Heart) joint the new bigger picture to help extend the music to a wider range in expression. As a multiple instrumentalist and sophisticated artist, Wang has traveled to many places within and beyond China and gained has his special ways to embrace different cultures to be fusedinto with his world of music. Within two years they went on several extended tours in China, India, Europe and also Australia/New Zealand where they gained overwhelming reactions by the audience. Especially in Australia and New Zealand, all CDs went sold out immediately and for the first time they appeared on iTunes Top 200 World Music Charts with peak at #8 in Australia and #1 for 3 days in New Zealand! This makes us more curious about the full-length debut album to be released, and within this album, they will work magic with Harry Wang for a new vision.


Haozi,a singer/song writer/traveler. He uses his music to document all the precious time on the road.


Bloody woods is a Neo-Folk project started in 2005. Have done many researches and experiments about European folk music and Mid-century music in past few years. Bloody woods is one of the most identical bands in China.


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