Into the seven years of fighting the band, to join hands in the first album “Beijing but surprised” yu gong yi shan. This album for 2 years finally came out. Contains a metal, rap, pop more element such as style, mainly tells the story of a few musicians in Beijing cheng, growth, in order to music dream struggle story together. This album by diccourse rap style as the main line, with the most common words reveal the real social phenomenon. Boiling album also includes their diva “xuanwu forever” “model couple” “his” and so on.


A trial was established in November 2009. Two people born in the alley ways of Beijing, hutong in Beijing, so may appear some songs of hutongs, want to stay. Why call fighting, due to the pressure of life, work stress and all sorts of trouble, you must choose the more effort with these things. Actually everything is very simple, as long as you like, we insist to do. A “remember” knocking on their road to rap. Constantly writing songs, dc, show that they grow and grow, then the xuanwu forever, “a model husband and wife”, “he” several popular songs, they gradually formed its own style. In 2012, with several talented musicians to join, to make the name “fighting” complete, then began fighting new deduce. Created in 2013, “the rap n roll”, “native” and so on. From Livehouse to music festival, from the voice of the two to six melody, they keep doing the change, constant progress, only to give the best music fans, the best scene.


This performance will contain all the songs in this album, also involves the next album songs, absolute enough quantity! As Beijing rap led the military band, circle of friends, of course, will certainly to pay tribute and put light add for the show. This performer is absolutely heavyweight, the most famous rap in Beijing today, are confidential, see at the scene.


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  • Tickets: Rmb 120 (door) / 80 (presale | on a first-come-first-serve-basis)