Sam Ock is a passionate experimentalist, an instinctive musician, and a dauntless lyricist; He seamlessly blends thought with sound and makes music a natural extension of who he already is. His latest release, GREY, particularly explores the space where the darkness of life meets the purity of truth, where the blackest of thoughts come into contact with the brightness of hope. Defined by a close intermingling of soulful pop, melodic hip hop, and latin and swing jazz, Sam’s style is creatively married with his uncompromising and introspective stream of consciousness. “I began to prioritize authenticity and excellence,” he says as he describes his growth as an artist. To Sam, excellence is the derivative of rooted passion and love. “When you love something, whether a craft or a person, you desire to know it and understand it at its deepest level.”

This philosophy is not isolated to a sphere reserved solely for his music; rather, it penetrates into Sam’s very being, manifesting itself throughout all aspects of his life. It is exactly this profound consistency that has continued to inspire and move people all over the world, with his album Stages hitting #1 on iTunes Japan’s Hip Hop Chartsand his most recent release Grey reaching #2 on iTunes Japan’s Hip Hop charts. Sam has toured throughout both Japan and Korea, performing on stages such asGrand Mint Festival(Main Stage), one of the largest festivals in Korea. He sold out his first solo concert in Hongdae (Korea), and has been invited to major TV and media broadcasts like Yu Hee-Yeol’s Sketchbook, 1theK, SBS Radio, and KBS Radio. He had his songs featured on a commercial of large cosmetic company La Neigeas well as numerous Korean TV shows, and he was featuredon Legendary Bae Chul¬Soo’s and Kim Chang-Wan’s broadcasts. Sam’s musical landmarks include winning Grand Prize for Music & Art’s 2010 Teen Garage Band Contest (, winning Grand Prize for JCPenney & ISA’s 2010 Breakout Performer Contest ( which allowed him to open up for the 2010 ISA Show in Los Angeles, winning Second Place for Honda’s 2011 Sounds of Civic Contest (no link), and becoming a Finalist for the Hip-Hop genre for the 2011 John Lennon Songwriting Contest ( During this time, Sam was able to collaborate with Youtube musical artists such as Dumbfoundead (song called Different Galaxies) and Clara C (song called Little Light) which launched his music into both the Youtube and global sphere. Sam desires to leave an imprint on the world, with lyrics that openly express the vulnerabilities of his soul and a musical aesthetic which warmly welcome listeners into a sober yet hopeful reality. Starting from “Simple Steps”that have now grown into momentous strides, Sam continues experimenting and passionately creating, pushing the boundaries of genre, sound, and content all to give glory to his Creator, and love to the people of this world.

When J. Han steps into the ordinaries of life, he comes out with a voice that’s distinctly unique from everyone else’s; it echoes from different angles, captivates with contagious energy, and is dressed with an edgy and urban hip¬hop sound. His debut album Tower Ivory does exactly this, addressing the common journey toward manhood but speaking candidly of the growing pains experienced along the way. In a profound actualization of his musical identity, James leans into the inherent mess of the everyday, reminding his listeners that the expedition is equally as important as the destination.

His own expedition begins in a blue¬collar suburb of Maryland, where he learned what it meant to be strikingly different. “I remember being afraid to bring my kimchi to the lunch room because of all the glares and questions I’d get,” he reminisces with amusement. Even at a young age, James knew his story was different than most. As the son of Korean immigrants who knew only of survival through the blood, sweat, and tears manifested in a homegrown dry cleaning business, there had never been a golden path to musical stardom carved out for James. But what he did have was a television set: the portal into the beginnings of James’s intrigue with art and creativity. “I used to just stare at the TV and draw every cartoon I saw on the screen, things like Power Rangers and Dragon Ball Z.”

Now, he has built a sound riddled with elements inspired by Nujabes, Stevie Wonder, and Kanye West, roped in by his thoughtfully crafted words. J. Han emphasizes the art of creating lyrics around the everyday and mundane, bringing a fresh perspective on what everyone has in common. In this, he fashions music that resonates in its relatability, building an international following that has led to tours in Japan and Korea within only three years of starting his solo career as a recording artist. James has collaborated with artists like John Givez (Dream Junkies) and S.O. (Lamp Mode Recordings), quickly building his repertoire as an artist, and with such energy and enthusiasm, he continually pushes forward and upward, creatively composing his vision and purpose, celebrating what he sees as beautiful in both this life and beyond.


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