【Presale sold out】New Noise Proudly Presents
American instrumental band Caspian 2016 China tour
Guest:Glow Curve

Presale tickets have sold out, limited tickets at the door will on a first-come-first-serve-basis.

New Noise is very proud to kick off 2016 with an eight date China tour for American instrumentalists Caspian presenting their new magnum opus Dust and Disquiet.  Ranking at the top of every list of [Best Albums of 2015], their new album cements the band as stand-alone leaders of progressive, engaging and thoroughly thought-provoking music. Through passionate songwriting, the band carves through the darkness and allows all to be bathed in light. Even when the band is at their heaviest, there are still feelings of peace and catharsis that hangs in the air. Caspian transcend post-rock norms to create a phenomenal record that is in a league all of its own. It’s emotive, well-written and utterly enthralling.

Throughout their 12 years of existence, Massachusetts¡ Caspian have been slowly becoming a juggernaut in the post-rock scene. With the genre, like all genres at some point or another, becoming oversaturated with derivative acts, bands like Caspian succeed in breathing new life into the scene and offer new perspectives. Watching a Caspian show is an experience that surpasses the grasp of every adjective in literature that would try to define it, their music has the intensity of thunder, touch of a feather and the warmth of home.


Glow Curve http://site.douban.com/glow-curve/


Tickets online:http://newnoise.taobao.com

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  • Tickets: Rmb 140 (door) / 120 (presale | stops at midnight on March 4th)