On the 2nd of January 2015, Yugong Yishan hosted the event of Back to 88 – a club that was THE SPOT fifteen years ago was brought back alive. Same old DJs, same old bosses, same old clients, and many young people who were not even old enough back then, oblivious to the history. Going retro and talking about the good old days is not only a thing for those who have experienced it back then, but also is a thing for those who missed it but are nonetheless curious. Both were satisfied, so the party must have been a success. On the 8th of January 2016, Back to 88 comes to its second round. Today, this old term becomes hip again: old school, or 老炮儿 in Chinese, as the title of that recent film has it. A whole generation of original old school electro fans will be back to together and bring us all back to the freshest and craziest time of Chinese electro music in 1999. The old schools and the following generations of electro animals will together immerse in the music that has been the world to them. Back to 88 does not mean being nostalgic. The 2015 edition worked hard on sharing videos and images – which was only a novelty at the time of the 88 Club. The 2016 edition of Back to 88 pushes it further: heavy and solid video and visual brought by important photographers and livestream networks creates an atmosphere that is even more psychedelic. No longer will it be a small, private party; it will be about social network, communication and sharing. Not only participation, but more spreading – that is the new school electro party as it should be.<br>On January 8th 2016, you will come to a party that is unlike others, a party that is deemed to be the party of the year, a party in which you can fully show off and share, a party that is one of the kind, where the new schools meets the old schools.




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BENHUANG   DIO     Tickets online:https://yoopay.cn/event/ygys20160108 http://m.jtwsm.cn/proj/195217.html

  • Start:
  • Tickets: Rmb 99 (door) / 88 (presale | stops at midnight on January 7th)