Austrian Blacken Death Metal Lucifer BELPHEGOR plus Swedish Modern Heavy Machine THE HAUNTED

Emerges in 1991 as one of the most extreme line ups to ever come out of the death black metal scene,this demonic Austrian Legion has established their cult reputation with their first 3 excellent full length releases.

BELPHEGOR’s highly acclaimed 3rd release, 《Necrodaemon Terrorsathan》has proved what this band’s music stands for. This album presented a fast and brutal attack, technical prowess, and a most brutal sound, neatly packaged in blasphemous art. But their breakthrough for the international metal scene came with their 4th album 《Lucifer Infestus》in their new base camp Napalm Records.

When the 2nd release under Napalm Records《Goatreich – Fleshcult》came out this Austrian legion has managed to top all of their previous releases even 《Lucifer Infestus》as they raise the saw of Death higher than the sword of Black with more conviction. With this effort they have achieved the most blasphemous and extreme sound ever made by those deadly instruments together.

BELPHEGOR continues their demonic road with the latest chapter《Conjuring The Dead》last year. Along with the typical aggressive blasts, you can feel the spirit behind their whole career which lasts more than 2 decades. It is this non-stop passion for Blacken Death Metal that climaxes their music to an unimaginable intensity.

So, just prepare for the“Supreme Death/Black Metal Art” this May in Beijing!


Swedish Metal heavy machine THE HAUNTED have been on the forefront of the global modern extreme metal-scene since the very beginning around 1996, when core members of the seminal act At The Gates decided to turn to a more Thrash Metal oriented shape than before.

While the rest of their stylistic peers were either dormant or at a qualitative low, THE HAUNTED’s self-titled debut record shocked the scene in 1998 and brought back faith and attention to a sub-genre of Metal that has grown back to become fervently appreciated by both old and new metal fans. Viewed from nowadays, THE HAUNTED has truly played an important part in the wave that Thrash has been vigorously re-interpreted by countless new artists. But the most important point is that THE HAUNTED never really understood themselves as a role-model in terms of being the “typical” Thrash act but instead often opted to take risks and challenges by expanding their sound’s magnitude and brutally honest approach.

2004’s acclaimed 《rEVOLVEr》 album opened a new, hungrier and more daring chapter of THE HAUNTED’s unlimited journey through the landscapes of extreme Metal: Their impeccable way of combining their classic ‘80s Metal influences (Metallica、Slayer) with an utterly modern delivery, yet always trend-defiant attitude and trademarked overall-sound has made the band equally unique and essential. 2006’s《The Dead Eye》 showcased a partly rather atmospheric and quite dark musical side of things for the quintet, even though the overall heaviness and bite in the sound hadn’t been sacrificed at all.

This latest album shows that we can still feel the terrifying aggression and heaviness from The Haunted after more than 15 years. Now they are coming to Beijing to deliver their modern extreme metal sound , no false pride, no fashion, no fake set of values…Surrender to this!!!



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