Legendary Russian rock-back “Mumiy Troll” is coming to Beijing for one night show only!


Taking their name from a character in the famous children’s books of Tovi Jansson, Mumiy Troll have become one of Russia’s most popular and critically acclaimed contemporary pop/rock acts of the ’90s and 2000s. Centered around the offbeat romantic lyrics and intelligent, charismatic presence of songwriter and frontman Ilya Lagutenko, the band has developed separately from the rest of the Russian music scene, opting to work with foreign producers and recording the majority of its work in England. Although experimenting with different musical genres over the years, Mumiy Troll have developed an idiosyncratic sound placed halfway between traditional Russian rock and Brit-pop.


Voted «Best Band of the Millennium» by Russian music fans, Mumiy Troll is without question the most significant musical entity Russia has produced since Perestroika. The group`s popularity is so great that contemporary Russian music is broken down in terms of what came before and after Mumiy Troll. They have sold out tours internationally and are recognized as one of the most well-traveled bands on the planet.

Their sound is a blend of flamboyant glam and Stones-like swagger with original wit and a great deal of fun. The talent, charisma and work ethic of band frontman Ilya Lagutenko have made him the quintessential Russian superstar.


«I wanted to travel all my life – I wanted to join the navy just to see the world» – Ilya Lagutenko, Mumiy Troll frontman says. «And now I realize it’s much better to see the world by playing your songs for people. Having been a professional interpreter for so many years, I understand you can’t really speak one language to the entire world; you have to find a way to learn from each other. We’re on a mission, and every show we do proves to us that the mission is going well. At the same time, we’re breaking stereotypes about Russians and the «evil Soviet empire». If you want to see how people behaved in Soviet times, go to a Russian community in America like Brighton Beach. That’s no longer the way people live and act in modern Russia. Some people may see what we do as childish entertainment, when in fact we’re not just building popular culture; we’re building liaisons between continents. I call what we’re doing «musical tourism». Year 2012 was announced to be the Year of Russian history by the President of Russia. May 20, 2012 starts the circumnavigation of Federal Agency For Fishery barque Sedov in Saint-Petersburg. It is dedicated to the 1150th anniversary of Russian statehood and will continue until summer 2013, finishing in Saint-Petersburg. The most «maritime» Russian band Mumiy Troll will take part in this journey together with the team of Sedov barque. All the band’s members served

in the Russian Navy in the past and onboard the Sedov they’re going to fulfill all the common sailor duties together with the team. Ilya Lagutenko, Mumiy Troll frontman says: «Out of all the bands in Russia Mumiy Troll is the band that tours the most. For most of the year we’re traveling – playing concerts in Russia and abroad as well.

That’s why whilst crossing the ocean we have a plan not only to record a new album onboard the Sedov but also to visit distant lands and continents. With the language of Mumiy Troll music we would like to tell the story of the amazing world of Vladivostok 3000».



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