After the big success of his last album <Romantic Sadness>, Zhong Li Feng has completed a perfect transformation shown as his brand new work <Lust for Love> which was composed and recorded by the academic producer Sen Liu, and this is not the first cooperation between Sen Liu and the record company-13 month behind Zhong. The new album is coming to audience very soon, containing 10 newly-recorded songs in various styles, independent, fluent, folk, and classical……Such an Oriental-European combination inherits Zhong’s consistent artistic and literary style, low-profile and dignified, poetic and idyllic…

When asked about the origin of this new album’s name, Zhong LiFeng said, “It was named after a novel <Lust for love> by Jiang Xun (the author). What I want to express in my new songs is pretty much like that of the book, the beauty of love lies in such dazzling uncertainties, passion is restrained, loving hearts throbbed…so let my new album be named the same!”

Lu Zhongqiang, the boss of 13 Month is determined to invest heavily in the vocal concert releasing Zhong’s new album in order to have Zhong’s music perfectly reach the audience and break the humble and bitter stereotype of folk music which is supposed to be known as ‘pure, innocent, noble and literary songs’. According to Liu Sen, the producer, there will be a dozen of domestic artists and musicians from the top-tier participating this ‘melody fair’, they will definitely make this concert a great treat for the eyes and the ears.

As for the reason why they choose “Children’s Day” to do their performance, Zhong answered, ‘I think people who like my music may probably keep a childish heart, and that’s all folk songs about.”


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