Tizzy Bac was composed of literal collage students in Taiwan in December 1999. At first, the trio was only curious about how far a band without guitars could reach, and then, in April 2000, they played their first gig in “Spring Screen” festival. Following their debut, which drew much attention, they were awarded the No.1 prize in the 2002 Hohaiyan Rock Festival, the biggest battle of bands in Taiwan at that time.


Since, the band never stopped touring and performing. Invitations has come from Taiwan and abroad, including Fuji Rock 2005 in Japan and several concerts in Singapore, Hong Kong and China. They had also been invited to Formoz from 2003 to 2007, which has been the biggest international indie event in Taiwan. In 2007, they received “Best Producer” in Golden Melody Award, which is the Taiwanese phonographic industry’s annual music award.


Different from an ordinary band, Tizzy Bac has no guitarist. All guitar effects such as distortion/overdrive are made by bass. Piano/keyboard is the mainstream of their arrangements, and thus they are well known as a “piano rock” band. In their early stage, their musical style was described as succeeding to Ben Folds Five. The representative work in this period was their first studio album Anything Can Tempt Me.


Hui-Ting, Chen (vocals, keyboard)

Che-Yu Hsu (bass guitar)

Chien-Yuan, Lin (drums, percussion)


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