PG.LOST [Sweden]

Swedish postrock band Pg.lost started in 2004 with both members from “My Idea Of Fun” and acclaimed “Eskju Divine”. The band first made a demo Ep Yes I AM, that was properly released in 2006. With this EP they quickly got attention all over the world and the band went on writing more music. They have released the two albums It’s Not Me It’s You from 2008 and In Never Out from 2009 all with overwhelmingly good reviews. In the fall of 2011 the work of recording their third full-length album KEY started for a release in early March 2012.


Pg.lost has gained a fanbase around the world and have been touring frequently throughout Europe. The band also toured the USA, China, HK and Taiwan. Pg.Lost played and worked together with bands as Sigur Ros, Mono, Mogwai, Cult of Luna, Explosions in the Sky. They will tour non-stop to promote their upcoming album Key in 2012. Make sure to catch them live on one of their stops during their March – April Asian tour!


Pg.lost is:

“An orchestra of the heart, a playground for the long lost sporadic thoughts of giving in or getting back. As a Swedish band of many directions, but most of all a band throbbing with great melancholy grinding against the precious high hopes of not just individual human thinking and feeling, but also contrasts within pushing the sonic boundries of endless instrumental experiments of prolonging.“


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