Beijing International (Independent) Movie Festival 2011 – 国际电影交流大会

Nemesis (30 min)

Thomas, also known as ‘Wanky’ often disappears to the toilet during class. The other boys in the class are puzzled. Especially Lasse, who has crazy theories about what is going on in that toilet. He decides together with HT and Torp to teach Wanky a lesson. But Lasse has misunderstood the situation. A misunderstanding with fatal consequences.

Candy (14 min)

For Candy life is a fair. Trained by her mom to be a soap opera star, dressed up indecently by her step-father and later in life, in love with a man who dreams to be a clown. This is the journey of Candy, a gifted girl whose life is a roller-coaster.

Gilles Corporation (7 min)

Gilles is an old farmer from ‘Troyes dans l’Aube’. He clearly sees the world has changed and that his farm is no longer adapting to the modern marketplace. The old Gilles believes the future of the Economy is through the Chinese market. Following a trip to Paris, he notices the Chinese love this capital city and buy all kind of products marketed there. To re-dynamise his exploitative capabilities, he begins a new activity specifically destined for the Chinese market: the mass production of ‘Parisians’.

Script (30 min)

Miike, Shin, Masa and Yuri participate in an experiment for 100 thousand yen. They have been asked to stay in a dark room for 10 minutes, where there is nothing else than a table with a lamp and 4 envelopes marked with their names. From the moment they will open the envelopes, this apparently absurd situation will turn into an increasingly suspenseful story. After all, this experiment is probably not that simple…

Piano Fingers (25 min)

‘Piano Fingers’ is the story of Howard and May, a couple who rose to fame in the 1950s for their popular show tunes, televised performances, and catchy cigarette jingles. They were the glamorous face of every major cigarette brand in America. In the present day, ‘Piano Fingers’ finds Howard and May entombed inside a decaying house filled with memorabilia from the peak of their career. Once aware of her deteriorating condition, Howard attempts to rekindle their love through the music they wrote and performed in their youth, before it is too late.

Cultures of Resistance (73 min)

Does each gesture really make a difference? Can music and dance be weapons of peace? In 2003, on the eve of the Iraq war, director Lara Lee embarked on a journey to better understand a world increasingly embroiled in conflict and, as she saw it, heading for self-destruction. From IRAN, where the graffiti and rap became tools in fighting back the regime, to BURMA, where monks acting in the tradition of Gandhi take on a dictatorship, moving on to BRAZIL, where musicians reach out to slum kids and transform guns into guitars, and ending in PALESTINIAN refugee camps in LEBANON, where photography, music, and film have given a voice to those rarely heard.

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