Her first holler was heard in Bolgatanga, Ghana in 1978. Ever since, Oy (aka Joy Frempong) has moved around in space and sound, and taken part in many different musical entities.She is currently performing with several bands – electronic, jazz, hip-hop – such as Lauschangriff, Infinite Livez vs Stade, Filewile, Phall Fatale, and has collaborated with quite a few ‘old cat’ improvisational musicians.

Thoroughly convinced by her vocal skills, Creaked gave her a free pass to create an album of her own. Joy completed a long-simmering project based on childhood memories, which had started out as entirely vocal outline and grew into the debut of the artist Oy.Drawing upon jazz, electronica and improvisation, Oy creates a matchless chemistry made up of kiddy-toy sounds, scraps of hip-hop, and various paeans of scat. Blending her voice with the mechanical utterances from samplers and other sound machines, she is inventing new and original ways of using the vocal chords.She brings an intense inner performance on stage, alchemy of naïve innocence and solemn depth. A fervent fan of Nina Simone, Oy builds a listener’s world of intimacy and defiance, no easy trick! She is definitely one-of-a-kind.


Feldermelder is, Manuel Oberholzer (aka Feldermedler), As a young teenager he made his initial efforts on a Amiga 500. The discipline and focus that was needed to work on trackers still lives on in his creative beats and arrangements.

Feldermelder influences range from the decomposed structure works of Steve Reich and Stockhausen to more classic Jazz, electronic and anlalog music from the now and before. The diversity of the music that inspires Feldermelder finds reflection in his own sonic adventures, informing his ever evolving sound, combining as map and compass to guide his artistic outbursts.

His psychadelic live acts, played on a wide range of analog and controlled digital equipement, made him perform at all kind of events and countries.

His endless research with others musicians made him become even more obscure, allowing him to play all different kinds of venues, Clubs, Ruins, Festivals, Squads, Museums, Forests, Mountains, Jungles, Fashion Shows and Boats.

Other Projects like Black Cargoes, Deconstructing Drumboys, FM Grand Trio made him tick all different universes, and and explore new ways to express.

Coming to the attention of Spezialmaterial and other labels in early 2002, Feldermelder has also shone as an innovative remixer, re-working Sinner DC, Scrubber Fox, Mochipet

The Sign & the Opposite, and many others.


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