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Invasionen started as band early 2009. The band changed their name from The lost patrol band to Invasionen. After many years of playing with The lost patrol band and several releases the band members decided that they wanted to do something completely new. They changed their name from The lost patrol band to Invasionen and began singing

in Swedish. They found new sources of inspiration and a new way to express themselves.

All band members were the same as before but after a while their bassist decided to left the band. Then they found their current bassist Richard who has been with the band since March 2010. In April the same year the band released their debut album. After that the band has been active by playing and touring around Sweden at clubs and festivals.

After an intense summer 2010, the band began writing new songs again. This time the band felt that they wanted to try to write songs in a different way than they were

accustomed to do. After the last album the band wanted to do something that sounded

different. After playing together for a time the band began to find a new expression and a

new sound that felt good. Autumn 2010 the band began recording what would become the band’s second album ”Arvegods”. The album was recorded in Umeå in“ second home studio” by Henrik Oja and in” parasit studio” with Dennis brother Fredrik Lyxzén.

The band members of Invasionen are:

Dennis Lyxzén – vocals and guitar

André Sandstrom – Drums

Richard Osterman – bass

Anders Stenberg – guitar

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