– feature Electro pioneers VERBAL + YULIA [Japan]


Support by R3 / DJ Mykal a.k.a. LIN ZHEYI

ANGREE YUNG ROBOTZ is a revolutionary live performance group, a brainchild of VERBAL, who’s suddenly emerged in 2011. The group changes its member depending on the situation, in order to full fill the demands for exciting and new entertainment.

The current members are VERBAL (m-flo/TERIYAKI BOYZ®), MADEMOISELLE YULIA and TRIPPPLE NIPPPLES. They all come from different backgrounds. With three different identities colliding with each other, they create a fusion of new music and they are totally different from conventional music groups. Just like angry robots repeatedly transforming and merging with each other, “ANGREE YUNG ROBOTZ” keeps sending out the most powerful live entertainment.

ANGREE YUNG ROBOTZ will be touring from Japan this summer under the slogan of “Cheer up Japan!” They will arrive in China in this August, finally party with us.


VERBAL is a Japanese third generation hip-hop MC, who debuted in 1998 as a member of theJ-Pop hip-hop duo m-flo. m-flo’s hits in the early 2000s, such as “How You Like Me Now?” and “Come Again” led to Verbal rapping and producing a wide range of acts in Japan such as Crystal Kay, BoA and Namie Amuro. Verbal considers his role in m-flo as a “host” than a rapper or producer, though their success and critical acclaim established them as an iconic and influential hip-hop production team throughout Asia.

Verbal is also a member of other hip-hop groups such as Mic Banditz and Teriyaki Boyz and has worked with Kanye West, Pharrell and Kylie Minogue amongst many others.

Verbal is also the chairman of music label Espionage Records (joint venture with Avex Group), production agency Kozm and has a fashion brand called Ambush. He launched his solo career in March 2011 with the album “Visionair”.


In 2008, Mademoiselle Yulia released her first mixed album “NEON SPREAD”. With her unique identity and multi-layered view, she became the icon and diva of TOKYO ELECTRO. She is not only known for DJ skill but is also exceptional in vocal work. Now, she mainly focuses on vocals and song-writing. She became the featured artist in TERIYAKI BOYZ®, TOWA TEI, and KRAZY BALDHEAD albums.

Lately, she designs for her own jewelry brand “GIZA”, writes a column in NYLON JAPAN magazine and models for several fashion magazines. Her second mixed album “NEON SPREAD 2” has been a long seller. While working as DJ in and outside the country, she periodically hosts bi-monthly party event “YOICHI” at Le Baron de Paris.

In 2010, when techno pop band PLASTICS re-united, she played the vocal. Her first original album, “MADEMOWORLD”, is due scheduled in October, 2011.


After years of production work, remixing, DJ gigs and live shows, R3 has become one of the most prolific and busiest alternative music personalities in China. Considered as pioneering the cross over of Indie and Dance music here in China, R3 has been instrumental in migrating Indie Rock fans onto the dancefloor and giving clubbers a fresh perspective.

His production work has been applauded by his peers and picked up by various brands and campaigns alike. Top local bands are now lining up to have their work remixed, adding to the list of already remixed artists like Adam Freeland and Yacht. With an enviable understanding of music and a passion to push the envelope both in the studio and on stage, R3 is perfectly positioned to keep taking electronic music in China to a new level.

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